Bergo is renowned for its versatile flooring solutions that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. Whether it’s public spaces, industries, or the sophisticated ambiance of car showrooms, Bergo floors have made their mark.

Bergo Flooring

Durability in Extreme Conditions

What sets Bergo apart is its unparalleled resilience. These floors have been tested in some of the most challenging environments imaginable. Imagine a floor that can withstand the relentless onslaught of water, salt, freezing temperatures, dampness, and the scorching sun, all simultaneously. That's Bergo for you. It's not just a claim; it's a proven fact. Bergo floors have been installed on the decks of ships, proving their mettle by enduring these harsh conditions and emerging unscathed.

Global Presence

The trust in Bergo products is evident in their global footprint. From the luxurious confines of cruise ships to the utilitarian decks of passenger ferries, Bergo floors grace hundreds of vessels across the world.

PVC Flooring – Outdoor

PVC Flooring – Outdoor

PVC Flooring – Indoor