DE·AURO – New Dimensions of Luxury

DE·AURO, based in Germany, is a leading manufacturer of coated surfaces with pure precious metals. Through a special, patented high-tech process, DE·AURO brings forth surfaces that radiate a sophisticated aura, transforming any interior design. Whether applied to walls, niches, or room partitions, DE·AURO’s surfaces optimize beauty, offering optical delight in all areas.

New Dimensions of Luxury


At DE·AURO, the true character of materials is at the heart of every creation. As stated by Rolf Krahl, the managing partner of DE·AURO, their surfaces reflect the true essence of a room, transforming everyday objects into modern art pieces.

Projects & Collaborations

DE·AURO's refinements of surfaces have transformed exceptional interiors into unique living spaces. Their commitment to quality and innovation has led to collaborations with renowned designers and architects, bringing forth spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.