Florian Group, with over 60 years of experience, stands as a global partner in the wood sector, offering a wide range of solutions that align with the highest quality standards and environmental compliance. The Group manages a complete supply chain, controlling the entire production system from the forest to the finished product, ensuring maximum quality and minimal resource waste.

Florian Feeling Wood

Sustainability and Certifications

Florian Group is dedicated to a sustainable ecosystem, building the future of the wood market with a zero-waste approach throughout the production chain. The Group's products are FSC-COC® certified, reflecting their commitment to responsible forestry and environmental stewardship.

Innovation and Technology in Wood Processing

Florian Group is not only a leader in the hardwood industry but also a pioneer in embracing innovation and technology. The Group has developed a dynamic ecosystem of companies, each specialized in different divisions and products. This approach allows Florian to cover the entire production chain, from raw material to the final product, with a focus on innovative techniques and sustainable practices. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures that every product from Florian is a result of advanced processing methods, meeting the evolving demands of the wood market.