Wall&decò – A Canvas of Imagination and Design

Wall&decò stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of design, offering a wide range of contemporary made-to-measure wallpapers. With a unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship, Wall&decò transforms every space into a personalized living area, ensuring each wall tells a story of its own.

A Canvas of Imagination and Design

Contemporary Wallpaper (CWC)

Dive into the world of macro-subjects with Wall&decò's Contemporary Wallpaper collection. Available in various substrates like the unmistakable weave of CWC, the metal effect of Bronzage, and the sustainable CWC-ECO substrate, these wallpapers redefine modern interiors.

OUT System

Wall&decò's OUT System is an innovative outdoor wallpaper that's resistant to rain and yellowing. It transforms patios, terraces, and façades into architectural masterpieces.

Essential Wallpaper (EWC)

Essential Wallpaper offers an alternative to large-scale decors, focusing on geometrically progressive patterns. With engravings, reliefs, embossing, and metallic inlays, these wallpapers create 3D textures and bas-reliefs.

WET System

The WET System is Wall&decò's patented waterproof wall covering dedicated to damp environments. It opens up infinite decorative possibilities for bathrooms to spas.